A Path to Joy and Wellbeing

E-Learning Series for Cultivating Positivity, Balance, and Happiness in Life and Work

Research on positive emotions has shown that experiencing more positive emotions broadens people’s action repertoire. Daily micro-moments of positivity are like nutrients for our overall wellbeing and contribute to the process of positive change.

    Prioritising Positivity for Wellbeing

    This course will help you become more aware of positive experiences, identify and choose strategies for cultivating positive emotions as a way of improving psychological wellbeing at work and beyond.

    By the end of the course, you will be able to:

      • understand negativity bias and positivity ratio
      • gain insights from the positivity self-test
      • describe how the top 10 positive emotions broaden your thought-action repertoires
      • apply techniques to recognise and amplify positive experiences

      Rethinking Stress for Positive Change

      To improve our wellbeing and mental health, it is necessary that we learn how to manage stress. Even better - what if we can reframe stress as our friend and turn it into positive fuel? This course aims to help you break the hold that stress has on your life. By responding to stress with your strengths and applying practices to supercharge your capacity, you can use stress to fuel positive change and as a result, become happier, healthier, and more productive.

      By the end of the course, you will be able to:

      • distinguish between distress and eustress
      • gain insights on how you experience stress
      • recognise the triggers and indicators of workplace stress
      • reframe stress as a friend and discover its benefits
      • apply techniques to supercharge your capacity and improve your stress threshold

      Gratitude as a Path to Happiness and Wellbeing

      Research has consistently shown a strong correlation between gratitude and happiness, and there are many benefits to practicing gratitude. This course will help you understand the science behind the benefits of gratitude and support you in building a gratitude practice to enhance your wellbeing and your relationships.

      By the end of the course, you will be able to:

      • understand the science of gratitude 
      • describe the benefits of gratitude practice 
      • recognise the link between gratitude and happiness 
      • gain insights from your gratitude self-assessment 
      • learn to apply techniques that build your personal gratitude practice 
      • explore how you can bring gratitude into the workplace

      I completed the 'Mental Health for First Aid' course and really enjoyed it, so I decided to follow this up with Prioritising Positivity for Wellbeing eLearning. The course reminded me to look at the small things and focus on positive events. The key things that stood out were the positivity ratio, re-directing my thoughts and relaxation. The result was a happier outlook. I would recommend MHScot to people who need structured, easy-to-understand, bite-sized learning.

      Prioritising Positivity for Wellbeing Learner