What Our Members Have to Say:

“"MHScot helped me by providing an excellent online training resource which systematically and sensitively took me through various issues associated with mental health. This was accompanied by impactful videos that reinforced learning. Group workshops that served to cement what I'd learned online and allowed exploration of specific issues with MH experts. The three things that stood out were; a strong and clear focus on mental well being not mental illness - changed how I think about it now, recognising the signs of poor mental health impacts on individuals early and the importance of early intervention and feeling more confident of the role of a MHFA - what we are here to do and what we are not. It has increased my confidence in starting a conversation with someone I feel may be struggling.I have become an advocate of talking about mental health in the workplace and normalising this. We will be working on the design of MH policy and a plan for Consumer Scotland alongside HR. I need to listen more and talk less! It challenged my need to fill the gap with chatter and helped me realise that silence is OK to allow someone time and space to think and process. It's normal! Thank you to all at MHScot! It's one of the best training experiences I've had. It wasn't all about doing 'work' better, it was about doing life better!"”― Consumer Scotland
“"MHScot helped me by providing high quality training to make me a confident mental health first aider. The three things that stood out were the trainers - so helpful, presented the training material in a digestible manner, put me at ease in my assessment, the easy access to training materials and the extensive additional support materials and links. The result was I qualified and found the whole learning and assessment process comprehensive and enjoyable. I found my ability to absorb new information and how keen I am to help people now and have the confidence to have direct conversations about mental health. I would recommend MHScot to people who need a supportive learning environment with quality training materials."”― Nucleus Financial
“"MHScot helped by providing great materials to help refresh my memory on all aspects of mental health. The three things that stood out were: the videos - really insightful, the succinct content - really easy to digest and the level of detail - just the right amount on each topic. I really enjoyed the course online and going through it at my own pace. I found that I shouldn't be put off at the outset of the amount of course work - it's in good bite size chunks so made it easy to work through at the times I had. I would recommend MHScot to people who need an overview of what mental health is and how to approach the topic with friends, colleagues and family - it provides a great general level understanding of all aspects and increases awareness of what to look out for."”― Phoenix Group
“"I wanted to learn more about how to best interact with colleagues with mental health issues. MHScot helped me by making me more aware of various common mental health issues, giving me skills and confidence to be a mental health first aider and showing me how to be a better listener! I found the experience enlightening, constructive, informative, confidence boosting. I would recommend MHScot to anyone! Especially those in a management position."”― Axis Studios
“"We wanted to prioritise physical and mental wellbeing and were keen to arrange guided on-line mental health first aid training for three staff members. MHScot helped us by broadening our understanding of mental health and wellbeing and the role of a mental health first aider. We will now be able to support staff members during what is an especially difficult time due to the impact of Covid-19. We liked their friendly, approachable facilitator, Catherine. There was a good balance of self-directed learning and guided sessions. We found the experience hugely beneficial both individually and as an organisation. We would recommend MHScot to people who need any sort of mental health/wellbeing training."”― 4J Studios
“"Mental health is something I find really interesting and it is so often overlooked by people as being a "problem/drama" rather than a real health issue. I am really keen to help break that stigma and learn more about it so I can help others open up to the idea of it being as important as physical health. MHScot helped me by guiding me through ways to start a conversation with someone who might need help & what approach to take for different situations and mental health issues that someone could face. I found the experience interesting and useful. I would recommend MHScot to people who need to raise awareness of mental health in their workplace."”― The Royal Zoological Society of Scotland
“" I liked their easy to follow lessons, a combination of written and visual pieces which made the course comprehensive and worthwhile. Also, Fiona was great - very friendly and easy to listen to. I found the experience very worthwhile and believe that the training provided will make a difference to someone's life."”― The Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews
“"As a result of this training we've created of a Mental Health First Aid network which supports all staff and students in the workplace, together with a MH policy, guidance for MH First Aiders and the development of a specific online platform to support all. MHScot provided excellent training for skills which we can use in the workplace."”― University of Edinburgh
“"I have heard really good feedback from my colleagues about the courses they have done with MHScot and wanted to gain knowledge that would help me to support my workmates by doing Supervising/Leading First Aid for Mental Health (Level 3).  MHScot helped me by providing a lot of easy to read and understandable information, plus very supportive face to face lessons.It kept me interested and involved, which allowed me to remember things easier and absorb the information better. I would recommend MHScot to people who need training in mental health areas to increase their knowledge and understanding. It can be useful just for your own benefits and for everyone around you too."”― Energy Savings Trust