Gratitude as a Path to Happiness and Wellbeing

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Research has consistently shown a strong correlation between gratitude and happiness, and there are many benefits to practicing gratitude. This course will help you understand the science behind the benefits of gratitude and support you in building a gratitude practice to enhance your wellbeing and your relationships.

By the end of the course, you will be able to: 

  • understand the science of gratitude 
  • describe the benefits of gratitude practice 
  • recognise the link between gratitude and happiness 
  • gain insights from your gratitude self-assessment 
  • learn to apply techniques that build your personal gratitude practice 
  • explore how you can bring gratitude into the workplace

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22 Lessons

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Your journey to discover how practising gratitude can lead to happiness and wellbeing

Learning Platform User Guide

Know your way round and make the most of the learning platform

Community Forum

Connect and collaborate with others to enhance your learning experience

Grounding Practice

Take a deep breath and let go

What is Gratitude?

An emotion, a virtue or a behaviour?

Science of Gratitude

Take a deeper look at gratitude

Benefits of Gratitude

Learn about the research on the benefits of gratitude

Happiness and Gratitude

Explore the strong correlation between gratitude and happiness

Gratitude Self-Assessment

Find out how gratitude is measured

Gratitude at Work

Cultivate gratitude at the workplace

Gratitude Meditation

A meditation practice to help you express and develop gratitude

Gratitude Journal

A simple writing exercise to spark your appreciation

Gratitude Jar

A fun exercise to practice gratitude and improve your mood

Mental Subtraction

A mental subtraction practice to help you appreciate positive relationships in your life

Mindfulness Walk in Nature

A mindfulness practice to cultivate your appreciation of your surroundings

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