Prioritising Positivity for Wellbeing

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Research on positive emotions has shown that experiencing more positive emotions broadens people’s action repertoire. Daily micro-moments of positivity are like nutrients for our overall wellbeing and contribute to the process of positive change.

This course will help you become more aware of positive experiences, identify and choose strategies for cultivating positive emotions as a way of improving psychological wellbeing at work and beyond.

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • understand negativity bias and positivity ratio
  • gain insights from the positivity self-test
  • describe how the top 10 positive emotions broaden your thought-action repertoires
  • apply techniques to recognise and amplify positive experiences

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23 Lessons

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Your journey to discover the power of positive emotions

Learning Platform User Guide

Know your way round and make the most of the learning platform

Community Forum

Connect and collaborate with others to enhance your learning experience

Grounding Practice

A 1-minute practice to help you arrive fully in this present moment

Positive and Negative Emotions

To experience a full and rich life, we need both positive and negative emotions

Negativity Bias

Recognise our evolutionary bias to negative stimuli


Become aware of the positive experiences in our daily lives

Why Focus on Positive Emotions?

Learn about the benefits of positive emotions

Broaden and Build Theory

Learn about the upward spiral of growth and resources

Top 10 Positive Emotions

How positive emotions broadens your thought-action repertories

Micro Mindfulness

Recognise the best moment of today

Positivity Ratio

The 3 to 1 Ratio that will change your life

Positivity Self-Test

Gain insight into your positivity level

S.T.O.P. Practice

A simple mindful practice to help you reduce negative emotions

Positive Affirmation

Write a personal positive affirmation for your daily practice

Prioritise Positivity

More ideas to help you focus and amplify on positivity

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Integrate your insights and learning through self-reflection

Coaching Session

Book an optional 1-hour coaching session to create your personalised plan for boosting positivity


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