Rethinking Stress for Positive Change

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Stress is recognised by many as the leading proximal cause of death. Strokes and heart attacks are most commonly cited, but other sub-optimal outcomes include decreased immunity, insomnia, anxiety, depression, addiction, obesity, heart disease and severe memory loss.

According to an extensive study of stress levels in the UK conducted by the Mental Health Foundation and YouGov, 74% of people have felt so stressed that they have become overwhelmed or felt unable to cope. A report published in February 2022 by the Mental Health Foundation and the London School of Economics and Political Science, states that mental health problems, including stress, cost the UK economy at least £117.9 billion annually.

To improve our wellbeing and mental health, it is necessary that we learn how to manage stress. Even better - what if we can reframe stress as our friend and turn it into positive fuel? This course aims to help you break the hold that stress has on your life. By responding to stress with your strengths and applying practices to supercharge your capacity, you can use stress to fuel positive change and as a result, become happier, healthier, and more productive.

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • distinguish between distress and eustress
  • gain insights on how you experience stress
  • recognise the triggers and indicators of workplace stress
  • reframe stress as a friend and discover its benefits
  • apply techniques to supercharge your capacity and improve your stress threshold

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    22 Lessons

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    Your journey to discover how to use stress to fuel positive change

    Learning Platform User Guide

    Know your way round and make the most of the learning platform

    Community Forum

    Connect and collaborate with others to enhance your learning experience

    Grounding Practice

    Use the 5 senses to help you anchor your attention in this moment

    What is Stress?

    Explore the causes of your stress

    Types of Stress

    Learn about the positive and negative stress

    Your Stress Symptoms

    Identify what stress looks like for you

    Analyse Moments of Stress

    Gain insights into your experience of stress

    Workplace Stress

    Identify the triggers and indicators of workplace stress

    Stress as a Friend

    Explore the benefits of stress and reframe it

    Mindful Breathing

    A breathing technique to help you calm the nervous system

    Positive Emotions

    Supercharge your capacity by activating your positivity

    Character Strengths

    Become mindful of your character strengths

    Social Connections

    Build resilience through social support


    Consider your self-care strategies

    Explore More

    Keen to learn more, check out the additional resources


    Integrate your insights and learning through self-reflection

    Coaching Session

    Book an optional 1-hour coaching session to create your personalised plan for reframing stress


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