Create your own definition of wellbeing and self-care

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The Wellbeing Plan is a tangible way to record and tap into our own insights. By creating personal definitions of what it means when we're struggling and when we're thriving and being cognisant of the route it takes to get there, wellbeing becomes all the more powerful when we own it as a big part of self-care. This course teaches you how to take charge of your own well-being and manage and direct your path to it.

Empowering action

We should stop treating wellbeing as a noun as it's not a state we reach or a fixed point. Wellbeing is a verb - an act of doing. The Wellbeing Plan is a way for us to notice, reflect and take action that shifts our feelings in a more positive direction. 

By labelling emotions and noticing what direction they're taking us in, we can start to see patterns that will help us manage our low points and allow us to continue to thrive. Using the Wellbeing Plan reminds us that how we feel is connected to the things we do. Understanding this process is a way to empower ourselves.

19 Lessons

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On this journey you will understand yourself and your needs better

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Your Wellbeing Plan

Let's start by downloading your wellbeing plan

Important notes

Let's create a safe space before you begin


Let's go through a checklist before you begin

Ideal state

Start by building a picture of what it feels like when you're doing really well

Low points

Let's understand more about yourself when you're not doing so well

What difficult emotions are trying to tell you


Try and identify what might lead to you struggle


Identify what you do currently that helps you maintain those thriving feelingss

Critical moves

Select the most important practices

The gift and power of emotional courage


Reflect on everything you've gathered about yourself so far

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